iconMetaMask Setup

How to Set Up MetaMask

First, ensure you have a $INTDESTCOIN -supported wallet set up. We recommend Metamask for desktop and Trust Wallet for mobile. Click “Connect Wallet” to allow $INTDESTCOIN to interact with your wallet.

Step 1 – Install MetaMask wallet on your browser 

Visit the MetaMask website and choose your preferred browser for installing the MetaMask wallet widget. 

Note: MetaMask is available in two forms: mobile app and web browser extension. This guide focuses on installing MetaMask as a web browser extension, however the process of installing MetaMask as a mobile app is similar.

Step 2 – Create a wallet 

Once installed, click “Create a Wallet”

Step 3 – Make a password 

You will now be asked to create a password. Make sure your password is complex and alphanumeric yet easily memorable.

Step 4 –  Keep a record of your recovery phrase 

You will now be shown a recovery phrase that consists of 12 words. Write these 12 words down on a piece of paper and secure it in a safe place. 

If you or anyone enters these 12 words into MetaMask remotely, they will be able to access your wallet – so remember never to share your 12-word MetaMask recovery phrase with anyone.

Step 5 – Connect to the BNB Smart Chain Network

By default, MetaMask only allows you to transact with the BNB (BEP20) network – so there is no need to change the network within MetaMask to engage with the INTDESTCOIN token. 

Step 6 – Import the INTDESTCOIN Token

You will now need to import $INTDESTCOIN to your MetaMask wallet. You can do this by clicking “Import Tokens” then submitting the $INTDESTCOIN contract address.

INTD Contract